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sam ammouri


  • I bought a citizens eco-drive watch in April on board a cruise ship. It stopped running after seven months and I returned it to your California repair place. The five-year warranty that came with the watch says I would never need another battery if properly maintained. I kept it in daylight and wore it daily. I am disappointed and was surprised to learn the five-year warranty does not cover the eco-drive. So now I have invested another $60 in postage handling and repair costs. Not a happy customer of Citizens!!!!

    • Sadly most Warrantees in most merchandise are limited to hardware failure, I’m truly sorry to hear about your bad luck. I’ve been wearing citizen watches most my life and
      never have a problem, I guess freaky things do happen sometimes. Why don’t you try and see if you are eligible for refund or a settlement of some type.

  • hi I have just got a BL8000-54L it said cd in side but on cd
    thank you

  • Please refer to where you bought the watch from, this is only and advertising website. If you bought your watch from amazon ask them your needs. have a great day.

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