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The Eco-Dive Citizen Men’s AT0200-05E General Information



With military precision keep time while adding a unique edge to your wardrobe with the Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Chronograph Canvas Watch. Featuring the clean look and the rugged dependability of a stainless steel case and bezel, this timepiece relies on the unique Citizen Eco-Drive movement system, so you never need to replace its battery.

Eco-Drive is an advanced, technical system that uses a thin solar panel under the dial to convert light energy from any source into electrical energy used to run your watch. Also playing a key role in this unique system is a special energy storage cell that greatly increases the efficiency and dependability of using light as a power source.

As an added benefit, Eco-Drive power doesn’t utilize the harmful chemicals contained in traditional batteries, so it’s an excellent environmental choice as well.

The watch features a black dial with easy-to-read Arabic numerals in white, a convenient date window at four o’clock, a slim second tracker on the outer dial, and three subdials that provide chronograph functionality along with the ability to track hours on a 24-hour scale.

The dial is further offset with luminescent minute and hour hands and a sweeping red seconds hand. Even the cool canvas band on this watch offers ultra-detailed construction. In addition to featuring a sturdy buckle clasp that relies on steel-reinforced eyelets, the band is backed with leather, which provides added durability and results in a pleasant feel against your wrist. This versatile men’s watch is water resistant to 330 feet.


Charging information: Functions of this watch may not work correctly if the watch is not charged, or charged properly.

  1. Pull the crown out to the time correction position when the second hand has reached the 0 seconds position.
  2. Turn the crown to set the time. The 24-hour hand moves in conjunction with the hour hand. Pay attention to AM and PM when setting the time.
  3. Securely return the crown to the normal position in synchronization with a telephone or other time service.

To set the date:

  1. Pull the crown out to the date correction position.
  2. Turn the crown to the right to set the date. The crown turns freely and the date does not change if the crown is turned to the left.
  3. If the date is set while the time on the watch is between the hours of about 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the date may not change on the following day. If this happens, set the date after temporarily moving the hands to a time other than between the above times.

Using the Chronograph*:
The chronograph function of this watch is able to measure and display elapsed time up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds in 1 second units. After 60 minutes have elapsed, each of the chronograph hands automatically stop at the 12:00 position. Chronograph Timing:
  1. Start timing by pressing button (A). The chronograph is repeatedly started and stopped by pressing button (A).
  2. Pressing button (B) resets the chronograph to 0 seconds.


Do not subject the chronograph to strong impacts while chronograph timing is in progress. Subjecting the watch to a strong impact during chronograph timing or when the chronograph has stopped automatically after 60 minutes have elapsed can cause the chronograph minute hand to shift out of position. If this happens, press button (B) to reset to the 12:00 position before using the chronograph again.

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Warrantee: 5 year

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