How To Choose Your Perfect Watch-What To Consider Before Buying?

How to Pick your Perfect Watch? & What Should You Consider Before Buying?

Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri

Before making this important purchase, you should do a bit of research to make sure you choose the right watch.

It only take one little mistake before end up regretting your watch after (only) a few days.  Below are some ideas that may help you in choosing your favorite watch

cit241.  Considering Your Lifestyle

It’s very important to understand when and where you’ll be wearing a watch before you purchase it.  Just as you wouldn’t wear a fine suit to a burger king lunch, you wouldn’t wear a yellow watch with a pink strap to a corporate board meeting, so make sure that your Timepiece’s suite your lifestyle.

At a respectable workplace you should focus on class and luxury. You want to mirror an image of smartness and seriousness in a professional environment, and a recognizably high-end timepiece would do just that.

Tag Heur and Omega, Breitling, for example, are today’s classic choices for the professional man looking to make an impression. Though the histories of these brands date back hundreds of years, they are not your grandfather’s type of watches.citizen

If you are out there for a sporty watch, then you should know that today’s sporty watches are designed as much for style as for function. They’re manufactured to work well in conditions ranging from extreme to casual.  Noticeably, your watch does not just keep time anymore.

2.  Leather Or Steal

The Steel Bracelets:

Stainless steel watches are very rugged and durable, and are the perfect finishing touch to a well-fitting suit.  They also are perfect for adding a bit of style to a more casual wear.

Leather Straps:  

There are many different attachments to adorn a watch.

  • Alligator
  • Crocodile Sail Cloth
  • Canvas and Rubber are all possible options
  • Each of the above will change the look and feel of the timepiece on your wrist. 

Depending on the material, watch straps can be adaptable for both formal and informal occasions. These type of watches show style and won’t take too much attention away from your outfit.

3.  Is Size Important?

Most watch companies will have sizes ranging from 22mm to 50mm.  Men’s sizes mostly start at 35mm.  The most popular man’s watch sizes range between 39mm and 48mm.  The best way to choose a size for is to try on watches in a few different sizes to see what fits and comforts you the most.Watch Choice 2 cit22

As To when it comes to modern watch trends the bigger the better. But the size you select should also fit with your personal style.

If your inclinations are guided entirely by current fashions, you may end up regretting buying a timepiece that feels too big.  It’s a lot better to choose a size that fits your personality. Present styles may change, but this will not.

4.  The Color Choice

Buying trendy colored straps and dials is fine if you plan on having a few watches, but bright colors are sometimes difficult to match with the majority of outfits, and can look dated quickly.  Try to stick with monochromatic, tested colors and tones. These can be easily paired with all of your outfits. white, black, blue, navy, silver, and brown are all very versatile for bands and dials.

5.  Automatic VS Quartz

Quartz watches move electronically. The reason they are called quartz movement is because a small quartz crystal is placed into the electronics of the watch. The quartz keeps time by oscillating it at a nearly perfect frequency, so they are extremly accurate. The downside of this is that quartz timepieces require battery replacement almost every year.cit24

The Automatic timepieces are your other option.  Some men prefer automatic over quartz watches because of the handcrafting of the mechanisms.

This is the way the timepieces have been made for hundreds of years. Unlike quartz watches, automatic ones are powered by energy from a spring. This spring stores energy and then transfers it throughout the watch as we wear it.

It’s important to remember  that if you don’t wear the watch often, it will have to be wound up each time you wear it back on.

Having said all that above,  choosing a watch stays is a very personal decision and depends a great deal on your personal taste and style.  Take your time when making a decision and a choice.

Now start exploring this wonderful website and find your favorite watch, follow my advices in getting the best online deals from the best secured sources. If you need any further help please leave me your concerns in the box below or use the support page.

Sincerely Yours

Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri

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